So tiny, stealth, and portable!
So tiny, stealth, and portable!

Cheap (<$100) vaporizers that actually work correctly are very hard to come by, but I have been looking at reviews on subreddits (/r/vaporents) for some time now and I finally made up my mind and ordered a Magic Flight Launch Box. I ordered the cheapest version to give it a test run. There are multiple wood types and multiple patterns to engrave onto the top window, but anything aside from the base MFLB will cost you extra. At $76, this is one of the cheapest real vaporizers on the market. Aroma-Tek managed to get it here in one day for free!

Magic Flight Launch Box  TIN INSIDES
Magic Flight Launch Box TIN INSIDES

After opening the box and opening the tin, I was stunned by how small everything was. I had seen no size comparisons and prior to opening the box, I did not realize the batteries pictured were actually regular AA batteries. This little box is so stealthy and able to fit almost anywhere

When you open the tin up, you’re greeted to these items:

  • Magic Flight Launch Box Flight Guide
  • Battery Short Warnings
  • Magic Flight Launch Box (cute and tiny!)
  • Glass Stem
  • 2x Rechargeable Glyph Batteries with Caps
  • 2AA Battery Charger
  • Magic Flight Branded Cleaning Brush

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The craftsmanship and woodworking that goes into this piece is outstanding. Everything is perfectly cut, smooth, well built, and the grain patterns are beautiful. Everything fits perfectly, the battery correctly pushes itself back out after you push it in to heat it, the glass stem fits in its hole with only a little resistance, and the new top snaps into place with the metal ‘bump’ in the upper right corner. There is a small dip in the wood on the opposite side of the Magic Flight logo that allows air to pass into the trench and into the glass stem.

Fine mesh trench of the Magic Flight Launch Box
Fine mesh trench of the Magic Flight Launch Box

The way the MFLB works is by shorting the AA battery and sending that current into the trench mesh. The trench mesh then heats up and by controlling your pull you can regulate the temperature of the trench. While this is a beginner vaporizer, the MFLB does take some trial and error to get good results. You can actually combust what you put in the trench if you aren’t careful. How hard you pull and how long to keep the battery pressed in are two of the most important things to play around with until you are producing quality vapor. The Flight Guide goes over some techniques, so make sure to read it!

One of the best things about the Magic Flight Launch Box is their warranty. Pretty much no matter what happens, as long as you have a visible serial number they will replace your MFLB no questions asked, for life, with no said limits on how many times you can get it replaced.

At $75 to $130 with a little practice, you can be vaping just as well as the $300 portable competitors.

There are a plethora of accessories for the MFLB to check out over at Magic Flights website.

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