I’m going to start making posts about IEM’s here on my blog instead of various forums. I am in total control here. I can say anything I want. There are no mods, no advertising or marketing to limit free thought. I’m probably never going to actually fully review these, or anything in this ‘First Impressions’ “series”, but these are going to be a review after an initial 24 hour listening impression. This isn’t 24 hours of continuous listening, this is just 24 hours of trying to avoid co-wokers, sound isolation & entertainment on my bus/train commute, and normal at home listening. I’m also not going to nitpick on things like ‘timbre’ & ‘speed’. I ‘burned them in’ for 30 whole minutes, and my sources are my Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Snapdragon 625),  XPS 13, and TRN BT10’s using the aptX codec, probably a similar setup to any other person buying $38 IEM’s would use. You’re buying $38 Chinese IEM’s that people are comparing to Campfire Audio Andromeda’s, don’t you think multi hundred billion dollar corporations like Qualcomm with world class engineers have audio circuits pretty figured out? Media will be 320k Spotify, probably 128/96Kbps soundcloud, maybe a couple of FLAC tracks. Cables will be whatever I have laying around, since cables don’t matter. All of this is subjective, please don’t just buy this because I said so. Research reviews, figure out if they align, then buy based on what you think your preferences might be.