This blog was created entirely for my personal opinions and reviews of things I like and don’t like. It’s a place for me to talk and write down my thoughts. There is no set topic and blog entries may range from techy things to LGBT issues, or even psychological issues. I will likely never be making blog posts about this, but I am not a SJW and I am not a feminist. I believe in equal rights for men and women in every aspect of life and don’t need to be part of a group to have that idea. Some people may enjoy what I write and others may not. I hope you do though!

I have one ad to the right side of the page. I am OK with you using ad-block (I do too on most websites). All of the money earned from that one ad goes to the yearly hosting yearly domain name purchase, and an SSL certificate to provide HTTPS. So please don’t give me fuss about it!

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