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KZ ZS5 Quad Driver 2BA + 2DD IEM Review

Knowledge Zenith [KZ] is known for quality low cost Chinese audio gear; mostly in-ear-monitors, and rarely lets down at their price points. For between $4-$35 KZ has made it possible to get a great sounding IEM without breaking the bank. KZ had the ZST, ATR, and ZS3 in 2016 as their former ‘flagship’ IEM’s, but in May 2017 they brought the 2BA + 2DD four driver ZS5’s to the market. There has been some recent controversy that shows KZ may be cheating with the ZS5’s, claiming a 4 driver setup, but only providing port holes for sound to exit into the ear with only two of the drivers. Unfortunately it has not been verified by a third party yet, but as the second batch of pre-orders finally start arriving we should then see some tear downs from some more trusted members of the community.

The international version of the ZS5 comes in the standard KZ packaging that most everyone who has owned KZ IEM’s in the past knows. The Chinese version of the packaging is much more elegant and premium. Inside the box you receive:

  • 2x KZ ZS5 IEM’S
  • 1x Cable
  • 6x Ear Tips (3 sizes, 2 each) (more…)

Chrome v39+ Supports Material Design Status Bars

Material Design Kielydile Status Bar


I noticed Chrome started displaying in Material Design few months ago on a few Android news websites, but had to do some digging with weird keywords to actually figure out how to do this. It brings more Material Design elements into your website and creates a more imersive enviornment when looking at the page. This also works to easily distinguish your website from other tabs in the Lollipop multitasking menu.  (more…)